2021 DG Holiday Gift Guide

Limited Edition Gift - Asana Action Flashcards


Asana Actions Flashcard Deck (only 75 decks available) -- A limited edition learning tool that provides students a way to memorize asana actions of the Primary Series. Deck is free with a $75 purchase. 


Devoted Beginner 


Ashtanga Yoga: A Primary Series Guide - video course ($35)

Over 5 hours of instruction -- Highlights include 95 min instructed Led Primary, 90 minute traditional counted Led Primary, plus, tutorials on modifications and fundamentals like Up Dog, Down Dog, Chaturanga Dandasana, jump through, jump back, ujjayi breathing, and more.


Foundation First - video course ($25)

8 sessions (30-45 mins each) -- become established in the building blocks of practice through an in-depth study of the foundational asana categories: Sun Salutations, Standing, and Finishing postures.


Purpose of The 8 Limbs - video talk ($5.25)

1 talk (65 mins) -- Wondering how to practice the 8 limbs in your daily asana practice? Listen to this detailed talk that directly connects what you do on your mat with the principles that yoga is based on.



Classic Ashtangi


A Guide to the Intermediate Series - video course ($22)

Over 2.5 hours of instruction - Highlight of course is 90 minute traditional counted led class where David instructs the actions, bandhas, and breathing of every asana in the 2nd Series. 21 additonal tutorials on Pasasana, Bakasana, Kapotasana, Eka Pada Sirsasana, Karandavasana, and more.


A Guide to Ujjayi Breathing and the Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence - video course ($50)

Over 3 hours of instruction -- A daily tool so you can build your own pranayama practice. Small bite sized tutorials on the art form of inhaling, exhaling, and retention, including, an instructed led Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence.  


Finishing Backbend Sequence of Ashtanga Yoga - video course ($18)

7 sessions (20-25 mins each) -- What makes a skillful backbend? Learn the principles of backbending through Urdhva Dhanurasana, Drop Backs and Tic Tacs. 


Speedy Traditional Vinyasa Count Primary Series - audio class ($12)

1 class (70 mins) - Short on time? Want to switch your mood? David counts the Led Primary Series in 70 minutes.


Creative Yoga Artist


King of Asanas: Mastering Head Balance and Inversion Principles - video course ($15)

7 sessions (15-30 mins each) -- Put your fears aside by building skill and enjoyment in inversions like headstand, forearm balance, and handstand.


Extract Strength From Your Yoga Practice - video course ($35)

15 sessions (20-35 mins each) -- Learn a variety of conventional and unconventional ways to build strength and stamina.


Maps and Musings - book ($25)

A inspirational book that will get you practicing.  Full of poems, thoughts, and essays that celebrate Hatha yoga and the quest for self-knowledge. 


Knowing Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space - audio course ($15)

7 talks (11-32 mins each) -- Find out how practical, fun, and accessible this abstract concept can be for evolving in your practice.


Technical Wizard


Asana Skill Building and Philosophy of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika - video course ($40)

14 asana skill building videos (15 mins each) & 6 talks (60 mins each) -- Using the HYP text combined with asana drills, you'll experience how the philosophy and discipline are one and the same thing. 


Teaching Yoga With Verbal Cues - book ($28)

A masterful presentation of how to activate your body in a yoga pose includes all the postures of the Primary Series.


Secrets of Yogic Breathing Vayu Siddhi - book ($20)

A technical manual that is packed with practical knowledge on ujjayi breathing, bandhas, and pranayama to help you build your own breathing practice.


5 Led Primary Classes, 6 Asana Theory Talks, 7 Philosophy Lectures - audio course ($40)

over 20 hours of instruction -- Need a boost of inspiration or want to dive deep? A giant collection of teachings that will keep you inspired to practice.


Dancing Philosopher


Kapo Kids Unite - video course ($22)

over 4.5 hrs of instruction -- Refine the foundations of backbending by tackling one of Hatha yoga's most challenging postures, Kapotasana.  Exercises build up to Kapotasana in a series of smart, practical steps. Philosophy talks are on the Yamas.


Single Asana Principle - video talk ($5.25)

1 talk (45 mins) -- Simplify the process of doing any pose by learning the single asana principle and understand how meditation is the background of everything you do in your practice.


Yoga Sutras for Ashtanga Students - video course ($45)

22 talks (60 mins each) --  Sutra by sutra breakdown, David brings an original and practical perspective to these lectures by connecting them to the daily Ashtanga practice. Book 1 and Book 2 are available.


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