Asana Actions Flashcard Deck

Asana Actions Flashcard Deck

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Two years ago I made an exclusive deck of flashcards for students taking a special course at my Mysore intensive in India. The deck is called, Asana Actions of the Primary Series. The cards were printed on an old press with 3 different colors, making each deck unique. The cards proved to be extremely useful to the students. I saw tremendous growth in their practices when they would study the actions and then put them into play while they were practicing. 200 decks were made and there are now 75 decks left that I am offering as a limited edition learning tool. 

A daily dedication to practicing and teaching has allowed me to experience many sublime layers of Hatha Yoga. There is the technical, energetic and mystical layer in each posture, and each of the layers start with one word...ACTION. My aim for these flashcards is to provide students and teachers a learning tool that is based on how to perform action in the asana.

*This deck is a limited edition. There are 82 cards in each deck and each deck comes with a bag.*


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I have written 3 instructional layers into each asana: technical, energetic, and mystical. The technical language speaks to the physical and biomechanical aspects of doing a pose, ie, the anatomical body planes, rotating the joints, activating the legs and arms, or the practicalities of forward or backbending. The energetic language is more complex and speaks to the great science of moving energy inside the body. This layer includes concepts like, Prana, Nadis, the central pranic axis, Prana and Apana Vayus, Mula, Uddhyana, and Jalandhara Bandhas, and other references to the Tantric imagery of Hatha Yoga. With the mystical language, I use cues that are inspired from the sacred yoga texts. I draw from their potent desciptions of the transcendent mind and the poetic consciousness of a yogi in the highest yogic state, Samadhi (Absorption). 



These cards were printed at Murugan Press, an old fashioned printing shop located in the Chalai Bazaar in Trivandrum, India. Murugan Press has been a family run business since 1949. Mr. Skandapan oversaw the printing of these flashcards. Please note, that during the printing process letters are occasionally dropped so you will find misspellings in the text.


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