Kapo Kids Unite - Backbending

Kapo Kids Unite - Backbending

This video series will give you, the Kapo Kid, strategies for winning the daily shoot out with Kapotasana, the famous outlaw back bend challenger who rides into town each day to disrupt your peace. 

-You’ll learn how to apply the foundations of back bending to your efforts in Kapotasana, and also research how each of the back bends in the Second Series that lead up to Kapo can prepare you, body and mind, for the climatic encounter with the arch nemesis. 

-You’ll learn strategies for to how increase your stamina and enjoyment in kapo or any challenging back bend. 

-The philosophy talks will focus on what you stand to gain by devoting part of your daily practice to challenging poses like Kapotasana even though they cause fear, dread, aversion, or other strong, unpleasant thoughts or emotions. At the end, having gone through the fire, you’ll be part of the formidable gang called the Kapo Kids and be more ready to face any obstacle that comes your way.

4 classes are included in the course: 

Asana Theory Class 1 - 90 minutes

Asana Theory Class 2 - 80 minutes

Making the Yamas Accessible Philosophy Class Part 1 - 50 minutes

Making the Yamas Accessible Philosophy Class Part 2 - 50 minutes




*Please note these classes were originally part of a workshop that was recorded with 4K cameras using the Zoom platform. This means the video will be better than Zoom quality but not 4K. The audio quality is excellent and professional level. Watch the sample video to check out the quality.

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