How Many Asanas Are Enough?

24 November, 2023
David explores this question by examining Krishnamacharya, Yoga Vashista, and the Bhagavad Gita


  • Analysis of the great yogi Krishnamacharya’s statement that not all asanas are meant to be done by everyone—each individual will have their own custom list of asanas based on such factors as:  age, experience, aptitude, interest, work or family responsibilities.  
  • Probing the question of how important it is in Ashtanga to keep doing more postures and more difficult series. 
  • Thoughts about the teachings in the Yoga Vashista that say, “A yogi should never make the least effort to get what doesn’t come to him/her/they without effort.”
  • Exploration of the word wisdom. What does the Bhagadvad Gita mean when it says: “Wisdom is the goal of every action.” 
  • The importance of centering one’s practice around the foundational poses
  • Interpretation of a passage from the Isha Upanishad on finding balance between devoting oneself to the material and spiritual aspects of one’s life. 
  • Recitation of a Kabir poem that that speaks to turning one’s attention to the mystery of it all.    


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