How are Yoga and Fitness Related?

22 June, 2022
In this lively, informative podcast I discuss the connection between fitness and yoga.


In this lively, informative podcast I discuss the connection between fitness and yoga.


Topics include: 

1)The idea that doing physical exercise is detrimental to or has nothing to do with yoga

2) The idea that pure movement or pure sport or pure physicality of any kind can reach up the spiritual. 

3) The idea from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika that Hatha yoga (ie doing poses, breathing exercises, and bandhas) is designed to be a support for those who are constantly engaged in the practice of yoga–and how this theme relates to the practice of hatha yoga and fitness 

4) The relationship between these 3 things:  

     A) The deepest consciousness that yoga is all about

     B) Hatha yoga (practice of postures etc)

     C) Physical Fitness  

5) The possibility that there is a necessity to engage in supplemental fitness practices in order to support an intense practice of asanas.  


I also discuss the following quotes from the sacred texts in terms of their relevant to the subject of the connections between yoga, hatha yoga, and physical fitness: 


"Self is… “the breathing behind breathing, the sight behind sight, the hearing behind hearing, the thinking behind thinking

--the first

– the ancient.”  

     Brhadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4. 23



“With the mind alone one must behold it—

Here, there is nothing diverse at all!

from death to death he goes, who sees

here any kind of diversity.  


As just singular must one behold it—

immeasurable and immovable.


The Self is spotless and beyond space,

unborn, immense, and immovable.

By knowing that Cosmic Person, a wise Yogi

should obtain insight for himself.

But, let him not ponder over a lot of words;

it just tires the voice!”

      Svetasvatara Upanishad ch 2, verse 5


“When she keeps her body straight, with the three sections erect, and draws the senses together with the mind into her heart, a wise woman shall cross all the frightful rivers with the boat consisting of the fully realized vision of Self.”

     Yoga Vashista Ch 6

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