Discovering Yourself Beyond Thought

26 September, 2022


In this podcast you will hear some creative perspectives on the Yoga Sutras:

-YS 1, 2 Yoga Citta Vrtti Niroda--Union arrives when the field of the mind is cleared of thoughts

-YS 1,3 Tada Drastuh Svarupe Avastham--Then the yogi finds his own peculiar way of seeing the world in its sacred entirety

*Classic and alternative definitions of each individual word of the above Sutras.

*Discussion of the important progression: vrtti—pravrrti—nirvrrti—in other words I discuss the necessity to use the intermediate step of Pravrtti or higher thoughts to go from the ordinary thinking mind (Vrtti) to a state of where all thought ceases (Nirodha)

*Using a poem from the Bauls of Bengal (Gypsy Poets of India), I discuss learning to let go of needing to have it all and embrace your small, yet vital station in life

*With a poem of Kabir, I discuss the necessity to trust the greater cosmic forces of the universe that are beyond your control

*A small reading from James Hillman pertaining the concept of Svarupa—Intrinsic Essence

*Discuss the connection between growing psychologically as an individual and attaining a more universal, all-inclusive spiritual perspective on your life.

*A few pithy lines from the Yoga Vashistha on the importance of Self effort in charting your path through your life

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