Dear DG, Question and Answer

18 November, 2021
In this podcast, David answers students questions. List of questions and time code provided in the notes.


In this podcast, David answers students questions.

2:20 - I've got a question about pranayama. I've done your Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence video course,  and I just want to clarify things with the Jalandhara Bandha position? 

5:42 - Practicing with scoliosis or disc problems.

13:44 - Dear david, i feel fear when I attempt backbends like Kapotasana and drop backs. Through practice it has gotten better, and I wonder if I could further work with the fear by using any type of visualization or mantra to help to get through that fearful state and trust that I’ll be okay. 

17:26 - What’s your yoga advice for mid 50s practitioner that’s currently spending more time with sitting meditation. I do get on my mat but with shorter asana practices for the time being and only full practice on the weekends. It feels right but I do want to keep a minimum maintenance asana practice, not worrying, and keep doing what feels right at the time. 

22:58 - How do you recommend taking responsibility for your practice without having a studio or a teacher in person? 

26:18 - The process when you feel extreme inertia in practice, what do you do?

34:00 - May I chant like a martial artist does during a strike right before executing a vinyasa to help me address my near end of practice inertia?

36:25 - A question about fasting.

38:25 - David, do you practice at the same time everyday?

39:20 - David, do you practice first thing in the morning?

39:50 - David, do you practice more than once a day?

44:44 - David, how long do you typically practice?

David ends the podcast with poems.

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