Ready to Quit

One of yoga's GREAT gifts is to show you your limits,

To show you that despite thinking you are giving everything you have to give it is not enough.

It's a challenging thing to face about yourself especially when previously you might have thought you had the stuff to rise up and meet any challenge.

Practice seriously, really lay it on the line… and watch yourself give up and not care.

Be humble and this insight helps you to grow tremendously even if it seems like failure…

Keep going.

What you are experiencing is as challenging as it gets, really, only you have to be able to STAY WITH these sorts of feelings of hardship permanently.

How I feel at those 'worst moments'

the struggle,

the giving up,

the not caring about the apathy that has taken me over

such resistance is a resistance to truly being awake and fully alive

How difficult it is to really live,

To be conscious in a total way.

The saint, the authentic soul, the wise person simply lives in the ferocity and the agony of the pain of each momentwithout rejecting it or wishing for something different

Aim to be able to accept


transform this nearly unimaginable, limitless quantity of energy.

When you eliminate the distractions that you ordinarily allow to come into your mind and body the energy that sets this entire show in motion will run, pure and free, through this very body

You will stop blocking and diverting the flow when you are truly ready to be alive connected in continual dance with that much


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