From David’s Ashtanga Journals: Hatha Yoga Pradipika

From David’s Ashtanga Journals: Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Fasten your self without reserve onto the teachings of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, it is the life saver, the sturdy raft that will carry you across the vast, tumultuous, many faced, ever changing, worldly mind ocean.

This is the book, this is the knowledge that will help you understand the power, magnitude, and scope of the goals of hatha yoga.

This is the book, the knowledge that will help you understand the practical application of the teachings, how to approach asana's, pranayama, mudra's, and concentration… Look to this book, study this book, marry this book, obsess over this book, consume this book, love this book, bow to this book, become a connoisseur of this book, appreciate its subtle bouquet, its heady nose, its earthy, chewy flavors, drink it in and become inspired enough to accept the rigors, challenges, discipline, and failures of practice.

Be patient and certain enough to match your self against the toughest, most unforgiving, relentless, ever ready opponent—your mind…

Here inside the pages of this book…

This is:

where the pith of practice is

where you find the extracted essence of practice

where you learn what to focus on inside your body in practice

what language to use to describe the inner experience that practice awakens

what images to imagine in order to create asana's, pranayama, mudra's, and concentration

your bible, your most dog eared, marked up, underlined, used, ragged, gone through, treasured, contemplated, pondered, puzzled over, yoga treasure

what is in your pocket, by your bed, in your backpack

your obsession

your perfect guide

your friend

your inspiration

your initiation

where to focus your efforts

how to think about practice

how to learn to be mature and thorough in your conception of what hatha yoga is and how to practice it and what you can gain by practicing it.

Your wise old guru, the one who lives up in the mountains, close to the elements, naturally silent and prayerful with twinkling, mischievous, attentive eye and inward absorption, fearless spring in his step like a sure footed, playful mountain goat

how you understand the body, movement and asana practice as something much more than physical

how you understand the body energetically, as a vechicle for traveling to the energetic realms and finding Spirit in the vast, empty sky of consciousness,

where you find your asana, your immovable spot… grounded, settled, subtle, energetically dynamic, tuned in, undisturbed, purely reflective, infused with subtle breath.


* "From David's Ashtanga Journals" are unedited excerpts from his ongoing journal about the practice.

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