Simple Man #1

Simple Man #1

I’m a simple man
For me skill in action is found in my asana practice.
Virtue, beauty, and truth are also found there
within my body on my mat in solitude. 
If I don’t find the nobility and dignity of my person there, in this pose, this gesture, this breath, I will not find these elsewhere. 
Big ideas remain just that
-- big fictions in my head--
until I wrestle them into manifestation in the smallest instances
when I practice. 
Practice is everything, holds everything, reveals everything to me. 
Practice is life or death. 
I conduct it in deadly earnest. 
Ecstasy is mine there in my asana only... I am a simple man and I don’t look for more or expect to find what I am looking for anywhere else. 
Asana Vidya Ki Jai! 
Try to tell me otherwise and I stopper up my ears like Nandi does when anyone utters a word against his beloved Shiva.  

Category: Bhakti Poetry

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