My Little Station in Life

My Little Station in Life

It is my mission, my small little station in life to convey to you how to gain entrance into the techniques of Hatha yoga. Because for me this is IT, I am truly alive when I am in an asana. In my asana I feel ‘right’ in the world. Asana practice corrects my tendency to walk around feeling alienated, angry and mistrustful. Asana helps me to feel that I am part of the miracle of life that is unfolding everywhere. Beauty and intelligence comes into better focus through my being devotion to asana.

When I am involved in the world of hatha yoga, as a student and/or a teacher, I feel healing and purification take place. I feel I am making an offering that contributes to soul, healing, and beauty. These shapes that feel like home are strange and unlikely. Few people can understand that I must express these shapes to feel that THE world and MY world make sense. I cannot imagine life without Uddhyana Bandha, Sirsasana, Pada Hastasana, and the rest. Take these away from me, and you take away a primary source of sustenance for me.

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