How to Make Your Yoga Practice Potent

How to Make Your Yoga Practice Potent

Abhyasa is a Sanskrit word that is defined as the effort to remain steady in a state of yoga (citta vrtti nirodha) and thus be able to see beyond the visible, material world to the sacred, spiritual essence that weaves you and all life together into one unseen, unified tapestry.  Abhyasa has 3 allies that make it potent.  

1- LONG TIME (Dirgha Kala) 

Establish your self in a long term routine of working on the various physical, energetic, and psychic hatha yoga puzzles.  Make sure the passage of time finds you engaged in practice and eventually you'll grow strong in yoga and know the fruits of discipline and one pointed attention.  One month is good, one year is better, one lifetime of practice brings wisdom and satisfied desire. The longer you practice the better it becomes for your soul.


I encourage you to adopt my motto: doing any yoga, under any circumstances, for any amount of time, at any time, with no additional expectations or obligations is better than doing none. Setting the bar low helps me to have a commitment to doing a little yoga every day so that I gain the ally of consistency. From the perspective of consistency simply getting in there and doing something is more important than any other factor such as how intense, long, short, insightful, inspiring, frustrating, joyous, boring or other. And also interruptions that cause you to stop and then start again weaken your connection to yoga even if you are on fire when you are practicing between stops or even when worthy things call you away. Hence my motto that even a tiny bit of daily practice wins the day! 

3-SINCERITY (Satkara)

The Sanskrit word Satkara loosely translates as sincerity, devotion to truth. There is relief in knowing that practicing sincerely and in earnest is an ally that strengthens your connection to yoga. It is as simple as this: you reap rewards when you put heart and soul into your efforts. Also, the word Satkara specifically breaks down to SAT == true or real and KARA-making or maker. This ally is to become a truth maker---you withdraw your mind and senses within your own body, apply hatha yoga techniques, and materialize what is true or real for you. The idea that practice is about truth making clarifies that the process is fully hands on—through practice you manually make something—truth-you forge affirmation and faith out of doubt, hope out of despair, and truth out of falsity. What you do on your mat each day is not different than a stonemason or artist who works with stone. You begin with raw, unshaped material that consists of your fears , anger, joys, hopes, visions, and all manner of material physical and physical turnings. You endeavor to make, craft, chisel, hew, carve, will, kick, express, fashion, and draw forth form from the formlessness and chaos that exists within you. From the material perspective truth is not a dead thing, not already formed, not something pre- set in stone, not found in the past or future but rather is malleable and exists within you as an essence that is continually discovered anew. Discovering small truths in the ever changing material realms helps you know the everlasting truths of unity, peace, mercy, and love that make up the body of Self knowledge that is yoga.

There is beauty in the simplicity of these allies they do not require physical acumen but are more internal mental attitudes or perspectives that anyone can access and utilize to bring context, direction, and meaning to the physical doings. The 3 allies that make practice potent all share the fact that they are practical, simple, and universal. They help you extract wisdom from your efforts and they help you to keep practicing!

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