Durga Means Difficult to Reach

Durga Means Difficult to Reach

If you practice long enough you'll notice that every stance yoga asks you to take is "Durga", meaning difficult to reach. The actions that the physical postures demand are not easy to perform, especially when performed in combination to each other, but its important to remember that your struggles with the difficult physical actions are merely a warm up for the stances that yoga ethics demand.

For example, turning aggression, violence, revenge and grudges (himsa) into non aggression, non harming, empathy, and forgiveness (ahimsa) is difficult to reach but the yogi makes the great vow, the "maha vratam", and does her best to adopt this stance. The yogi restrains his deepest, strongest, pulling impulses and crosses to the other shore and often that other shore is forgiveness.

Come to forgiveness each practice.  
Forgive yourself and forgive others. 
Let your resentments go—even a little bit.
Drop your anger no matter how deserving the target.
Holding onto grudges, past pain, or righteousness is poisonous venom that
requires the medicine of forgiveness.  
If you do not find love for yourself as well as your friends and enemies—the poison of anger will kill you and destroy the world—hardening your heart is that deadly.
But softening your heart is medicine strong enough to neutralize the 
worst poison—having a spacious heart will heal you and save the world.  
Ahimsa-Non Harming- is the root of yoga. Forgiveness is the root of ahimsa. 

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