Cosmic Goodness

Cosmic Goodness

Each of us is meant to walk through our days finding our own unique ways of contributing to cosmic goodness. Each person’s sacred work is ongoing. It happens in the immediate moment in every choice you make and every interaction you have with your self and others. There is no action that is too little, every action carries weight, every action has the power to manifest goodness in this world.

At a restaurant I recently visited the bus person who filled my glass of water with kindness and a generous spirit was fulfilling his sacred duty. The kindness with which he performed this small duty turned a seemingly unremarkable, insignificant, mundane, and scarcely valuable act into a great act because it was invested with genuine heartfelt positivity and thus affirmed the cosmos—or at least that’s how I chose to see it.

Fulfilling your dharma is made up of you performing all manner of small acts in a spirit of generosity and positivity that renders your actions meaningful, impactful, healing, and evolutionary. The holiday season can help us remember that there is great power in working to be a continuous example of life’s boundless, profound generosity and also to know that making a positive difference in the world boils down to your ability to dedicate your life to affirming cosmic goodness that is the root, matrix, and essence of all life.

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