Introduction to Pranayama

Introduction to Pranayama


In this 60 minute beginner friendly class you will be introduced to the energetic language of Hatha Yoga and will learn basic yet potent bandha and pranayama exercises.


“Your greatest ally in the yogic path is your breath plus your awareness. You can say that for the Ashtanga practice, all the techniques lead towards the simple thing of improving your breath. I call it, “bringing the breath out of it’s hibernation within your torso.” The breath is going on from your birth to your death ceaselessly. 21,600 times every 24 hours you’re breathing in and out, and we scarcely notice one through out the day. The contraction and expansion of breath is a primal rhythm that creates the entire cosmos and it happens within a microcosm within our own bodies and we are meant to attend, participate, and to love it…and to be with it as our constant companion…and it’s elusive. But there are techniques that we employ to get at it and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this class.” 


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