When Skylar a young cloistered nun ventures outside the convent on an eight day adventure to resolve questions of doubt, life unites her with a gentle teenager and a handsome drifter who affects her heart and future. I AM THAT is a feature film produced by David and his partner Joy Marzec. It was made by yogis and is for yogis. 





"I loved every minute of this wonderful, thought provoking, and incredibly creative film. Thank you, it’s filled with powerful wisdom and metaphors of life. If you are on a spiritual path, this film can help us to see the multitude of choices and happenings that occur as we make listen to the dark and embrace forgiveness and ultimately freedom and love."


"This is one of those rare movies where you find yourself thinking deeply while also enjoying a captivating plot. It's super well done. With so much content out in the world these days, it's pretty remarkable to find something both original and high quality, but this film does just that!"


"This movie is an exploration of the unity of opposites - an exploration within a pilgrimage and a pilgrimage within an exploration... a juxtaposition of faith and doubt, other and self, free will and destiny. Viewers will find a space where it is unclear whether the experience is one they bring to the film or whether the film brings it to them."


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