Ecstatic Discipline

Ecstatic Discipline

Inspired by the long lineage of Bhakti poets like Rumi, Lalla, and Kabir, David brings his 40 years of practicing, teaching, and writing about Hatha yoga, to this astounding book of poems.  With playfulness and the surprising force of raw honesty, these poems give voice to the joys and struggles of being yoked to the discipline of a daily Hatha yoga practice.  Coming from a point of view unlike any other offering on the subject, this book is profound, funny, inspiring and insightful, and sure to become a favorite among Hatha yoga lovers.  


Special Edition

  • A signed, personalized edition with thoughts and/or poem from David to you.

  • Antique poster of elements (earth, air, fire, water, and space) with poem from book. Poster is also embossed with original stamp from Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute that David received with his certification.

  • A reproduction of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute stamp.

  • Personally wrapped by David and Joy for you.

  • Special edition is unavailable for Australia students. The shipping to Australia is extremely costly due to Covid restrictions. If you are interested in shipping to Australia email,


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