Bandhas, Mudras, and Pranayama

Bandhas, Mudras, and Pranayama


4 class course that focuses on the energetic hatha yoga techniques within the Ashtanga yoga practice.  Each class is about 2 hours long and contains a physical practice and lecture component.

There is an entire energetic vocabulary in hatha yoga that the Ashtanga practice initiates you in to.  The roots of the energetic language are found in the sacred texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Speaking in this language moves your yoga conversation away from the mundane, anatomical, sports paradigm towards the mystical, invisible spiritual perspective. Learning to see your self and the world in energetic terms means you can begin to concentrate your mind in more subtle ways. 

In the physical portion of each class:
-You will learn about the physical application of mula bandha, uddihyana bandha, khechari mudra, and jalandhara bandha in the practice.

In the philosophy portion of each class:
-You will learn about the corresponding energetic language that reveals what's beyond the physical practice. 

Why is Mula Bandha so important?
Because it brings you to the root of your spine,
and awakens you to the Most Glorious Axis,
the source of all vitality.
Why is Uddhyana Bandha so important?
Because it does almost the same thing
     but it is far easier to do.

-Poem from David's poetry book, Ecstatic Discipline



1) Once you purchase the course you will receive a message from VHX with a link to your videos. The email will be sent to the email address you input at checkout so make sure you choose an email you frequently use. If you don't see the email in your inbox please make sure to check your spam folder. 

2) You can stream or download the course.

3) To download a video, click on the bottom left hand corner of each individual video and you'll see a download button. Unfortunately, you can only download one video at a time.


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