Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa: Movement, Breath, and Posture in the Primary Series

With his new book, Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa: Movement, Breath and Posture in the Primary Series, David Garrigues has created a concise yet comprehensive technical manual on AshtangaYoga as well a mystical, poetic treatise on the greater subject of yoga.  An instant Hatha Yoga classic, this offering is sure to be a trusted companion for present and future generations of yoga lovers. 

The book provides the reader with an unprecedented, easy-to-follow breakdown of every single vinyasa (and pose) of the Primary Series.  The instructions are bullet-points that contain skillfully articulated directions for doing the transitions and poses along with unique, potent cues on such essential Hatha yoga themes as pranayama (controlling the breath), vinyasa (transitions), mudra, (energetic seals/gestures), bandha (energetic locks), drsti (gazing points), meditation, philosophy, Indian folklore, the five elements, and more.    

This book is an unprecedented road map to the art of yoga, it shares the teachings of Ashtanga in ways that promote physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.


Softcover vs Hardcover

The softcover version of the book is sold outside the USA. 

The spiral bound hardcover version of the book is sold only inside the USA.

If you live outside the United States and would like a copy of the hardcover version, please email The shipping will be an additional fee between $20-$50 depending on where you live.








Wholesale Prices

David sells the book at a wholesale price for stores or trainings. Email for more info.



-I bought a copy for myself! Since starting this book, I am consistently uncovering hidden gems in my practice. It's like having a whole new lens through which I can approach my practice. Really this book has pulled me out of an "age of darkness" in my practice and made the familiar intriguing again.


-David Garrigues presents the Ashtanga Yoga system with extreme clarity. His book maps out each move, breath, and pose in a way that any person could work their way towards an informed personal practice using his words, images and layout as a guide. That is what sets this book apart from the heap of other manuals out there. All of them list the poses in sequence, indicate the corresponding breaths for each move, the vinyasa count, but none capture the living soul of what lies behind the method as well as this one.
Remaining faithful to the traditional origins and development of the Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa method, his creative and frequently poetic imagery describes and teaches many glossed-over details of the practice in a unique way. This intimate imagery invites and inspires students to develop their own ways of seeing the method within the deep historical framework that Mr. Garrigues obviously knows so well.
His “Vinyasa meta view” notes are worth the price of entry alone. It’s my opinion that David Garrigues believes that the Ashtanga Vinyasa method is a living, breathing practice that draws on deep tradition, and yet is created anew by each new practitioner. His attention and presentation of this fact through all the careful text in this book will pull the Ashtanga Vinyasa method into the 21st century and beyond.
Beginners and lifelong practitioners will all find fresh inspiration and information. It's a multilayered book that is useful to all.


-I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years, and found Ashtanga only about 3 years ago. Since that time, as I began to see what a deep practice it was, I wondered why a book like this didn’t exist. Where I live, no Ashtanga is really offered, so my journey into the practice has been a mostly solitary and intermittent one. Thankfully, David is an internationally known teacher one can travel to attend workshops with, and whom offers a WEALTH of classes/talks/etc online. Anyway, this book is like Yoga Mala times 10,000. Anything the practitioner needs to reference with regard to first series is in this book. Counts, breath, every vinyasa, every posture, every transition, Sanskrit numbers and poses… all gorgeously and intelligently included in this book. There’s also photos of each phase of every posture and lovely sketches. It will fill in any gaps (hidden or known) in your first series proficiency and much more. I love it. It’s clear as day that decades of research are behind David’s work and it’s needful for the novice and experienced alike. Full of practical instruction and poetic inspiration. 10/10.


-In this book, David Garrigues communicates clearly and precisely how to approach and experience each breath, pose and vinyasa in the primary series anew every time you step on your mat and practice. Whether a novice or long time practitioner, this book is a gem! It contains explicit instruction with a breakdown of each posture name, vinyasa position, drsti, breath, state of the asana, bullet points with further instruction, a meta view giving technical, poetic and inspiring DG tidbits and with pictures depicting the vinyasa position in a timeline across the top of each page. Thank you for your dedication, passion and energy that you continue to give to all students vested in the glorious monotony of Ashtanga yoga vinyasa.


-The arrangement of this guide gives you everything you need to know about the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, and David Garrigues has gone above and beyond - sharing his lifetime of passionate knowledge within these pages. The depth of each posture and vinyasa within the series is clearly and succinctly uncovered: the count, the cue of each relevant breath, instructions on how to get into the asana, and with only the way David can do- he articulates ways to energetically feel and move your body. The organization and layout is my favorite. There are photographs which show the transition and the state of the asana. There are words of inspiration, beautiful artwork, and pragmatic tools throughout. Thank you David for this creation which was so needed, an absolute gift!


-I had been counting down the days for this book to be released and bought my copy the day it came available! It is the modern and definitive guide to ashtanga vinyasa. My favorite part is that it has the most beautiful, compelling, and inspiring cues. The descriptions are so visceral and vivid - just a total joy to read. If the text doesn’t make you fall over heels in love with yoga, I don’t know what will. Every aspect of Vinyasa is captured here with pictures for every single movement of the entire sequence, long and poetic descriptions of every step, feeling, and motion, and so many beautiful extras.


-Probably the most well-presented book of Ashtanga yoga. This book is a must-have for any Ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher. Excellent instructions and illustrations for the entire primary series of Ashtanga. I had the pleasure to attended David’s workshop in Barcelona. David is an inspiring teacher with immense knowledge from over three decades of self-practice, teaching and dedication.


-The book has all the details of the primary series with all the transitions that normally are not depicted. It's extremely valuable since there is no other place you can find this information in the book.






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