King of Asanas

King of Asanas: Mastering Head Balance and Inversion Principles

In the past I have had some students express fear, sometimes dread, towards this challenging upside-down posture.

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Vayu Siddhi

Secrets of Yogic Breathing Vayu Siddhi Book

The writings in this book have been inspired by such sacred texts as: The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Shiva Samhita…

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Maps and Musings

Ashtanga Yoga: Maps and Musings Book, Parts 1 & 2

A book of Hatha yoga based off of certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher David Garrigues' articles, interviews, drawings, yantras…

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The Three Perspective for Yoga Practice: Physical, Energetic, and Spiritual

A 13 page interview with David on the three perspectives of yoga practice: the physical, energetic, and spiritual.

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