Teacher Training In Person and Via Zoom

Monday, July 12, 2021 - Thursday, July 15, 2021
Teacher Training In Person and Via Zoom

16-hour Ashtanga Foundations Teacher Training 

In Person and Via Zoom
July 12-15
10-2pm PST

This course will help students and teachers gain skill in sharing the creative spirit and rigorous technology of Ashtanga Yoga.


Learning to apply a set of asana principles to teaching.

The asana principles include:
1) Envisioning the Middle Position
2) Foundation First
3) Arms and Legs as Levers
4) Pelvis, torso, head Integrity--light up Shushuma
5) To Vinyasa is to Crouch and Spring
6) Actions Galore
7) Controlling Breath and Prana
8) Catching the 3 Famous Mudras (Bandhas)
9) Making smart Concessions (modifying and props)

Verbal Cues

Being an effective teacher requires strong verbal skills and one main focus of this training will be learning to deliver effective, concise verbal commands that define the most important objectives for doing a pose while also instilling the underlying asana principles.

Modifying and Using Props

Modifying poses or transitions is based on learning to set logical priorities and being able to make smart concessions. This intensive will teach you about this process that begins with visualizing the Middle or Classic position, then moves to making a swift assessment of the student’s ability to strike a desired position, and then is followed offering steps, modifications, and/or props that will facilitate protection, ease, challenge, and continued learning.

Differentiating the Transition from the Position

This intensive will also focus on helping students to distinguish between two important branches of knowledge: 1) Performing an effective transition (Vinyasa) and 2) Activating the body when remaining steady in a pose (State of the Asana). Surya Namaskara makes for a perfect starting point for teaching students differentiate between their transitions and their positions.


The art of giving safe and effective adjustments will be part of this course. You will learn about giving adjustments that support the verbal cues and help instill asana principles.

Applied Yoga Philosophy

There will also be philosophical studies and discussion of such sacred texts as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Rahasya, Yoga Vashistha). One main theme will be on connecting the esoteric teachings of the sacred texts with physical elements of practice. Also there is great value in working to embrace the greater context for practice (and for teaching) that is rooted in the invisible mysteries of spirit and soul spoken of in the sacred texts. Expanding into the greater, sacred context yoga is necessary to fulfill the full promise and purpose of daily practice.

Join class in Person in Portland, Oregon! LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE, you must register and pay in full to reserve your space.

Also availabe live on Zoom or watch the recording later on your own time. It will be available for 4 weeks.

In person -- $350
Zoom Live or Recording  -- $250

Students will be emailed Zoom link 2 hours before class starts.

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