Photographic Lineage

Yoga knowledge is said to be highly difficult to attain but obstacles and obstructions fall away when the study is grounded in a strong lineage such as Ashtanga yoga. And without words this series of photographs eloquently conveys the transmission of hatha yoga knowledge that is passed down from teacher to student. The photos show the continuity within the teaching methodology as you can see in several series of photos there are as many as 3 and/or 4 generations of yogis doing a personal version of the same posture. The photos give you glimpses of what you will learn by studying Ashtanga yoga. The learning context is built from each student finding loyalty towards and respect for those who came before combined with care and discernment in forging a new path into the unknown. Join the tribe and you will learn the same basic set of postures as seen in the photos (as well as others). You will also learn a set of accompanying techniques such as Bandhas (energetic locks), Dristi (Gazing). There is indeed mighty power in taking refuge in the teachings. Awakening and supreme joy await the one who dares to simply begin!

Photographic Lineage Slideshow