David Garrigues Kovalam Mysore Intensive 2014

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a guide to the pranayama sequence with david garrigues

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Featured In-depth Study

Event: Primary Series In-depth Study Philadelphia, PA

Dates: Oct 23rd-Oct 27th, 2014

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Study Type: In-depth Study Application (click here)

Email: aysphiladelphia@gmail.com


Event: David Garrigues Kovalam, India Mysore Intensive

Dates: February 1st-February 27th, 2015

Location: Kovalam, India

Study Type: Mysore Intensive (click here)

Email: davidgarrigues@davidgarrigues.com


Featured Weekend Workshop

Event: Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: November 7th-9th, 2014

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Study Type: Weekend Workshop (click here)

Email: balanceyoga@hotmail.com

Event:Georgetown Yoga in Washington D.C

Dates: November 14th-16th, 2014

Location: Washington, D.C

Study Type: Weekend Workshop (click here)

Email: pegmulqueen@me.com


Featured Articles and Videos


How a Yoga Teacher Motivates Students

(click here)

Often I'm trying to create a new pattern where an old, rutted pattern exists. And the chances of that rutted pattern continuing are great and so to create a new pattern takes a total investment from the student and I have to have that agreement. Hence my phrase "backing them into a corner." The phrase means that for this time period they don't feel any other type of instruction will work except except what I'm providing. They agree with me that this is the best choice for now.

Hip Joint Intelligence: Developing Full Lotus

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There is an integrated thinking process about the action in the hip joint and the transfer of energy through the leg from the hip to the foot that you want to draw from in your approach to opening your hips and achieving Lotus posture.



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