Yoga Sutras Book 2 Online Summer Course

Yoga Sutras Book 2 Online Summer Course


Course Content

Over the course of 10-weeks from July 22 - September 23, David will guide you through a study of the sutras in Book 2.  The title of Book 2 is Sadhana, the spiritual practice. For each talk David will walk you through the chapter examining the sutras one by one and how they also fit into logical groups.  Some of the important groupings include:

1- The Purpose of Yoga

2- Definition and Elimination of the Root Causes of Pain

3- Distinction Between Seer (Spirit) and Seeable (matter)

4- Defining and Applying the 8 Limbs 

David will focus on a direct translation of each sutra and probe into its meaning, aiming to gain practical knowledge that will strengthen your understanding of yoga philosophy and elevate your daily asana practice. 

Everyone is welcome. No prior experience with the yoga sutras, yoga philosophy, or chanting necessary. You do not need to have participated in the Book 1 online course. 

How It works  

1. Purchase the course.
2. Join the private Facebook Study Group or the Instagram Study Group
3. Each Sunday a video will be posted.  If you'd like to watch David give the talk live he will be broadcasting at 12pm EST each Sunday on both the Facebook group and Instagram account.  If you can't make the class live, no problem, you can view it at your own convenience on Facebook, and you'll have 24 hours to view it on Instagram. 
4. The classes will consist of ten minutes of chanting followed by a 50 minute talk.

**Please note, once you purchase the course you will receive an email from Big Commerce with your receipt plus a link to download the 'Welcome Letter' from David.**

Videos Posted

Every Sunday from July 22 - September 23.  You can either watch the class live at 12pm EST or watch at your own convenience.

July: 22, 29  August: 5, 12, 19, 26  Sept: 2, 9, 16, 23

Q&A Dates

August 11 and September 8 at 12pm EST. You can either watch the class live at 12pm EST or email David your question beforehand and then watch his answer later at your own convenience. 

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