Copenhagen, Denmark

Friday, October 26, 2018 - Sunday, October 28, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark



This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in Ashtanga with motivation to learn. David is skillful in providing explanations of elusive, often unspoken aspects of the practice. In weekend workshop’s, he offers clinic style led classes that investigate specific aspects of the practice that help students come to new perspectives on how to practice more intelligently, safely and joyfully.

In his workshops David offers a combination both traditional counted vinyasa led classes and clinic style led classes that investigate specific aspects of the practice in varying levels of detail. These important classes feature more verbal instruction; they give students a chance to slow things down, see new ways to orient during practice, get explanations of elusive, often unspoken aspects of the practice, and understand the Ashtanga method in greater, more subtle detail. Mysore, chanting and kirtan classes are also frequently included in a workshop. During the weekend David weaves together studies of asana, pranayama, bandhas, vinyasa, chanting, bhakti yoga, yoga sutra’s and other elements to help develop Ashtanga Vidya (knowledge).


5:30pm-7:30pm -- Ashtanga Foundations I: The Five Allies in Surya Namaskara

10:00am-12:30pm -- Ashtanga Foundations II: Standing sequence, Seated Postures and DynamicTransitions of the Primary Series

1 Hour Break

1:30pm-3:00pm -- Precision, Purification and Pranayama

9:00am-10:30am -- Mysore

30 Minute Break

11:00pm-12:30pm -- Yoga Sutras Talk on Book 1, Sutras 18-22


ASHTANGA FOUNDATIONS I: The Allies in Surya Namaskara

In this class we’ll look at the root techniques that form the internal practice of Ashtanga Yoga by carefully studying their application to the nine positions of Surya Namaskara. The root techniques, or allies include pranayama (conscious breathing), vinyasa (positioning), bandha’s (locks), dristi (gazing), and dhyana (meditation). The positions of Surya Namaskara provide the perfect foundational basis for exploring the important role that each of the allies plays in creating a mature, sustainable yoga practice. We’ll also explore how to internally connect the allies, and see how the creative interaction between them can help you to awaken the entire inner ‘field’ (ksetra) of consciousness. Awakening the inner field gives you a special kind of intuitive intelligence that pervades the body and helps you better use limbs 3 and 4 to move towards mastery of all eight limbs in the system.


ASHTANGA FOUNDATIONS II: Utilizing the Allies in Standing and Seated Postures of Primary Series plus dynamic transitions

Part 1: Standing Postures
In this class we’ll explore how the cultivating a combination of dynamism and stability in the standing postures provides you a perfect means of entrance into the internal practice of Ashtanga Yoga. We’ll explore the importance of using the feet, legs, and hips to create strength, stamina and concentration. Better understand how the standing postures are an essential key to building a strong asana foundation. Learn to better access to mula and uddhyana bandhas (locks), see how the grounded support of the lower body can awaken the breath and the spine and lead the way to steady gazing (dristi) and to dynamic meditation (dhyana).

Part 2: Seated Postures plus Dynamic Transitions
Structuring each seated asana in the Primary Series around understanding the allies (vinyasa, breathing, bandhas, etc) will help you better extract the strengthening, restorative, and healing benefits of this important series. We’ll also study the dynamic transitions between the asanas. Emphasizing transitions teaches you to cultivate rhythm, breath, dynamism and vitality within the stillness of each asana.


ASHTANGA FOUNDATIONS III: Precision, Purification and Pranayama

This class is devoted to the central role breathing plays in attaining success in practice. This class will utilize breathing exercises, retention, and a discussion to help you better understand how and why you want to centralize your awareness on breath during practice.
We’ll study how to use breathing to build powerful strength in your asanas and to effect nadi shodana, purification of the pranic channels. Prana Vidya, knowledge of prana, helps you to progress towards subtlety as you concentrate your mind and better direct the power of the internalized prana. We’ll discuss how cleansing is not limited to the tapas that you create during practice, but rather how purification is a central theme that encompasses all aspects of your life. We’ll explore how to access awareness of your more subtle energy channels through breathing and how to better direct this energy both on and off the mat.



Mysore class provides the student with a concentrated and heightened learning experience that will help he/she develop practical and technical yoga skills and be immersed in the inspirational magic and poetic soul of the practice. Each student will receive valuable one to one guidance from David on developing his/her personal practice. The student will develop skill in applying the practice techniques in ways that are logical, challenging, intelligent and fun. David focuses on learning how to follow the Ashtanga system and at the same time creating a practice that honors individuality, versatility and creativity.



This class will begin with a 15 minute chanting portion. This is an excellent introductory way to experience the sound vibration of the sanskrit language as a means to meditation. After chanting David will give a talk on Book 1, Sutras 18-22; this is one of the most famous sutras in Patanjali’s, Yoga Sutras, and talks about the 5 qualities to cultivate for progress in practice.


This unique combination of qualities are meant to be cultivated and are the gifts of your practice. They can be thought of as 5 jars that you want to fill and keep filling. David will discuss each one of these powerful words in this talk. Study of the Yoga Sutras offers key insights on how to better work with your mind in your daily asana practice.



Astanga Yoga Studio 
Fensmarksgade 1
2200 København N

*Please note this workshop is hosted by David Garrigues and Arna Bjork Sveinsdottir. For all questions please email   


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