Ashtanga Short Forms

Saturday, September 3, 2022 - Saturday, October 8, 2022
Online via Zoom
Ashtanga Short Forms

This course will give you a great set of shortened versions of both the Primary and Intermediate Series.  These classes will give you a strong practice even when you have limited time or a desire to break out of the rigorous monotony of the daily Ashtanga routine.  


Class List 

In each class, David will teach 2 or 3 different short form practices of varying lengths of time.  Here's the list of classes:


Half Primary Series - 1st half  (40 mins)  

Half Primary Series- 2nd half (40 mins)

Surya Namaskara A and B (10 mins)

Primary Series Quick Jam (20 mins)

Foundations Class - Surya, Standing and Finishing Poses (30 mins)

Select Poses of Primary Series (30 mins)

Select Poses of Primary Series (45 mins)

Backbend class - highlighting 2nd Series, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and Drop Backs (30 to 40 mins)

Half Intermediate Series - 1st half (40 mins)

Half Intermediate Series - 2nd half  (40 mins)

Select Poses of Intermediate Series (30 mins)

Select Poses of Intermediate Series (45 mins)

Intermediate Series Quick Jam (20 mins)



September 3rd
Half Primary Series - 1st Half (40 mins)
Backbend Class (Highlighting 2nd Series, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Drop Backs (30 mins)


September 10th
Half Primary Series - 2nd Half (40 mins)
Surya Namaskara A and B (10 minutes)
Primary Series Quick Jam (20 mins)


September 17th
Foundations - Surya, Standing and Finishing (30 mins)
Half Intermediate Series (1st Half) (40 mins)


September 24th
Select Poses of the Primary Series (45 mins)
Half Intermediate Series (2nd half) (40 mins) 


October 1st
Select Poses of Intermediate Series (45 mins)
Intermediate Series Quick Jam (20 mins)


October 8th
Select Poses of Primary Series (30 mins)
Select Poses of Intermediate Series (30 mins)



Class meets every Saturday for 6 weeks starting September 3rd from 9am-10:15am EST.

Classes will be between 60-85 minutes. 


Registration and Recordings

Live classes will be held over Zoom. If you can't make the class live then recordings will be sent out within 48 hours. Students will have access to recordings for a month. 

Teachers who teach 5hrs or more a week can receive a 15% discount using code: JAI

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