Asana Kitchen: Jump Back


Joy and I leave for India in two weeks. I will be teaching at Purple Valley (Goa) from January 5th-18th and then in Kovalam for my month long Mysore Intensive January 27th-March 1st.  If you can join me in either location it would be great to work with you.

And now a full Asana Kitchen on Ashtanga’s beautiful transition the…JUMP BACK!



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2 Responses to Asana Kitchen: Jump Back

  1. Nuala McCallum says:

    I’ve been able to pick up but not swing back
    for a while. Now I know it’s because I’ve been
    keeping my arms straight.Thank you, your
    advice is really helpful, and entertaining
    too- I like the idea of a sling shot, I’m
    more like a rock being tipped from a
    bucket:) Will definitely try the exercise
    with blocks.

  2. Rebecca P. says:

    Holy toledo, Batman!! Now I get it! Thank you SO much! Getting it and doing it are probably not the same, but now I have a path forward!

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