Asana Kitchen: Bhujapidasana

David Garrigues assisting Tim Miller a couple weeks ago when Dhyana Yoga and the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia brought Tim to Philadelphia

I am happy to bring you this new installment of the Asana Kitchen. This was filmed at Balance Yoga Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia and was our first try at filming an Asana Kitchen as part of a workshop. It worked out really well and now we have made the Asana Kitchen a workshop class! I have one last workshop left of my spring season, a 50 hour in-depth study in Olympia, Washington at the Bandha Room. If you are in the area and would like to participate there are still some spaces available.
I am also sending out my Summer 2012 Quarterly Newsletter this week. If you would like to have it emailed to you you can sign up on my blog. The newsletter includes my summer teaching schedule, a highlight of my Mysore Intensive at the Outerbanks, North Carolina this fall, and a special article I wrote on assisting Tim Miller a few weeks ago.
Hope to see some of you soon!
Hari Om,

Additional Notes on Bhujapidasana

1) The posture’s name is bhuja-arm pida-pressure= arm pressure pose

2) Foundation: hands, arms, shoulders

3) Before establishing your foundation attempt to slot the legs as high up the upper arm bones as possible

4) You can do this by jumping the legs outside the arms and walking the feet forward. Then keep the head down and straighten the legs as much as possible placing either hand (the web space between the thumb and index finger) on your achilles tendon at the back of the ankle.

5) Work the legs up and then start to bend the knees and shift your hips back. Position your hands behind you just wider than shoulder width apart (careful not to go either too wide or too narrow). Press the hand into the earth (perform hasta bandha where the center of the palm becomes light and buoyant in response to a thorough grounding of the rim of the palm and fingers)

6) Continue to sit back with heavy hips until the feet lift off the ground and you are balancing on the arms.

7) Feel the hips as heavy, the feet as light

8) If possible cross your ankles in front of you with the feet elevated off the mat.

9) Enjoy (7th position) the upright position with straight arms, feet crossed in front of you, hips down, head up, upper back domed shaped

10) To come forward into (8th position) the state of the asana, continue to shift your weight back so that you continue to center your self directly over your hand and arm foundation.

11) Feel the hips heavy as you bend the elbows and lower your forehead, nose or chin to the ground just in front of you.

12) Lift up the feet strongly so that they clear the ground as you bend the elbows

13) Remain in the state of the asana, breathing, enjoying your foundation, and buoyant feet

14) To come up exhale and get ready, coil the body in anticipation of pressing the earth and lifting up your head.

15) Inhale and press down through the hands, lift up your upper body and head. Clear the feet and reestablish the straight armed position with the head up and feet up.

16) Straighten the legs into Tittibhasana. Exhale and anticipate swinging the legs back to Bakasana,

17) Hinge at the knees, inhale, swing the feet and lower legs behind you into Bakasana, keep the upper back round, broad, and the hips heavy.

18) Keep your weight forward and your gaze in front of you. Exhale. Float to cetvari, Caturanga Dandasana position.

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3 Responses to Asana Kitchen: Bhujapidasana

  1. Wyatt Brown says:

    David- This is a really great inner-connection of chaturanga dandaa, to bhuja pida. Also, thank you for constantly reminding us of the importance of ‘basic’ asana/postural form refinements. No matter where your/my practice is, we are all beginners, re-refining what we would like to think that we already “know”. shnati~ :)

  2. Joanne says:

    Oh my! I hope one day I can get to this pose. Still very much at the learning stage.

  3. Mathilde says:

    Awesome video!! I took some notes and now it’s time to practice. thanks!

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